Welcome to “Talk Realty to Me”. Think Jason Derulo, only the Real Estate version… 😉

I’m so happy you decided to check out our website and read our blog. We thought the catchy title might help draw you in & hopefully this blog will be both entertaining and informative to you. Feel free to hit subscribe if you’d like to receive any future posts, automatically.


To introduce us a little, here are some highlights about us:

  • We met in 2003 and dated for several years before getting married in 2010…10-10-10, actually. What a cool date…and an easy one for Shawn to remember for sure! Although, he’s great about remembering all of the important dates and does a great job of always making them all special!
  • We love working together and have a passion for all things Real Estate! We actually met while working high school jobs at Chick-fil-A.
  • We have 2 furbabies, a Shetland Sheepdog named Bella and a Black Lab/Australian Shepherd named Violet. They are our kids for now, though we do hope to have children in the next few years.
  • We are both born and raised in the Richmond area. We love this city and are very familiar with areas all around town.
  • We have entrepreneurial spirits and love trying new things. We believe in taking risks in order to live life to the fullest.
  • We are Christians and strive to live our best lives while being examples to others and by being kind to others. We are so thankful for the many blessings we have in this life and hope to be a blessing to others as well.


While this first entry is for you to get to know us a little, in the future this blog will mainly be used to post about Real Estate – interior design ideas, market trends and other helpful information for buyers/sellers. The market is hot right now and we look forward to discussing all things Real Estate with you.


Thanks for joining us on this journey!

Keren & Shawn

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